Futuristic Pad

FuturisticPad is FuturistSwap's Decentralized Launchpad, where upcoming projects can hold their IDO, ICO, IFO, IEO, INO, IGO & IAO.
Initial Dex Offering (IDO).
Initial Coin Offering (ICO).
Initial Farm Offering (IFO).
Initial Exchange Offering (IEO).
Initial Nft Offering (INO).
Initial Game Offering (IGO).
Initial Airdrop Offering (IAO).
The project gets the committed funds, you get the tokens/coins/nfts.
  1. 1.
    Fees gotten from FuturisticPad is used to buyback FWAP.
  2. 2.
    FuturisticPad has a unique rewarding system for referrals. Copy your referral/invite link from the current IDO/ICO/IFO/IEO/INO & IGO, and earn a percentage (%) of whatever amount & coin contributed through your referral/invite link! Eg. Mr A uses his/her referral link and refers Mr B to participate, and Mr B contributes 100CORE, Mr A automatically receives 5% (5CORE) referral/invite bonus.
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    All IDO/ICO/IFO/IEO/INO & IGO will be announced on FuturisticSwap official social media accounts & via email.
  4. 4.
    Users can participate with multiple crypto currencies such as:- $FWAP & $CORE.
Apply for INO launch! (coming soon).
Apply for IGO launch! (coming soon).


IAO is held on the FuturisticSwap App, users can participate in multiple projects IAO. Good news, users receive invite bonuses when they invite others to participate in IAOs on the FuturisticSwap App.
Where by:
  • First generation - 15%
  • Second generation - 5%
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    Global leaderboard & total teammates is visible to all users.
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    Futuristicswap app is available on PLAYSTORE and coming soon on APPSTORE.
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    Fees gotten from Ads and IAO listings on the Futuristicswap App will be used to buyback FWAP.
  4. 4.
    Airdrop withdrawal updates will always be announced on the Futuristicswap app, official social media accounts & via email.
  5. 5.
    IAO miners can boost mining speed with the MINING BOOSTER⚡ [coming soon]


FuturisticSwap is a unique futuristic crypto project that values active participation and engagement within its community. The Dormancy Reduction mechanism implemented by the Futuristic Team ensures that only active and committed users are rewarded, while inactive users face penalties in the form of token reduction.
The idea behind this is that a strong and active community is essential for the success of any decentralized ecosystem. We believe that the users who deserve to be rewarded are those who contribute to the growth and success of the ecosystem. This could include inviting friends to join the ecosystem, participating in discussions, or help to build trust and engagement within the community.
On the other hand, users who are inactive or do not support the ecosystem may experience Dormancy Reduction, resulting in a gradual reduction of their token balance. This means that their coins will be reduced as a penalty for not actively participating in the ecosystem.
At FuturisticSwap, we believe that this approach is fair and ensures that only those users who are actively involved in the community can earn and retain their tokens. By rewarding active and engaged members of the community, we are able to foster a sense of trust and collaboration that is essential for the success of the ecosystem.
Users who are not actively supporting the ecosystem by tapping on the mining button to initiate a new mining session will experience Dormancy Reduction, gradually reducing their token balance.
During the first 20 days of inactivity, the user’s token will remain intact. From the 21st day onwards, their token balance will start to reduce gradually.
Continued Dormancy Reduction will occur from the 21st day until the 55th day of inactivity, resulting in further token reduction.
If a user does not enter the FuturisticSwap application for 60 consecutive days, they will lose all the tokens earned, and no token recovery options will be available.
Implementing the dormancy reduction mechanism ensures that FuturisticSwap maintains an active and engaged community that is dedicated to the project's goals. Active participation is valued, and consistent contributors are rewarded, while dormancy is discouraged through gradual token reduction.