Futuristic Bank

What are banking pools?

This is the invest to earn futuristic banking feature facility, where users & hodlers put their tokens to work, while earning a fixed percentage (%) as passive income daily and get incentives, rewards & other commissions.
Banking Pools are the simplest way to earn free tokens on FuturisticBank. Bank FWAP, earn free tokens. It’s really that easy.
Some special pools let you bank other tokens besides FWAP too!
  • Many banking pools will be available starting with FWAP banking pool.
  • FuturisticBank is 100% decentralised web3 contract solidity built with no 3rd party interference.
  • Users can participate with a certain minimum worth of FWAP and above.
  • Earn 1% fixed percentage daily on your deposited FWAP tokens for 60days. subject to modifications!
  • Multiple banking deposits available.
  • Lending & borrowing (coming soon).
  • Team building lovers can take advantage of FuturisticBank referral/invite system, where users can earn from first generation, second generation & third generation.

Where by:

  • First generation - 5%
  • Second generation - 2%
  • Third generation - 1%
  • Referral/invite bonuses are paid in each banking pool's token.
  • FuturisticBank also has amazing Rank bonuses & incentives for Team Leaders.
  • FuturisticBank has a 5% withdrawal fee upon every withdrawal and no limits.(Withdrawal fees will be put back into the FuturisticBank Pools).
  • FuturisticBank has a deposit fee paid in core for every deposit which will be paid before eligible to deposit FWAP or any other token.
  • Fees gotten from FuturisticBank will be used to buyback FWAP.
  • Anticipate more amazing Futuristic Features on FuturisticBank.